Feed the Creative Need

This year in the Fellas Fantasy Football League I started doing a weekly recap of that week’s matchups. The entire thing was mostly digs at everyone else in the league. It had terrible jokes, some that should have definitely never been written down but were, and some season or historical stats. It started off small but every week I added a little more content. By the end of the season it was a long read and took up hours and hours to write every week. It was a lot and in week 14 I decided to simply not write one. There was too much going on and my head just wasn’t in it. But for the other weeks I enjoyed the process of writing it.

I enjoyed having the league read what I was writing. Their feedback, laughter, and comments made it an enjoyable experience and worth it. I think I was in a better mood those days and maybe just maybe it helped with my feeling of being productive and creating something. I can tell you though, on the days I wrote those recaps, I was anything but productive when it comes to my actual job. They were written during work hours and I basically ignored everything work related to produce them. That’s not entirely true, I still ensured the big things happened but it is safe to say the work was not the primary focus. If you are my boss none of that is true and just embellished for the post… Remember, rule number one is “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

With my role, I have witnessed all these creative people doing their jobs day in and out and admittedly am a little jealous they get to be creative as a profession. Late last year my depression hit hard and I kept remembering how journaling helped me get a lot of random jumble of thoughts out of my head when I did it years ago. I recently bought an iPad and a keyboard case with the thought in the back of my head that I would start again. Fast forward a few months and I remembered I had this blog.

My brain is full of things that need to come out. I already have half a dozen drafts started about various topics. You can read it or not, but either way I am going to write and post. It may only be a handful of posts. It may be sporadic. It may end at a moment’s notice. For now though, starting is enough.