Diamond Hands Conversations

This whole $GME saga has been an amazing amount of fun. The hyperbole and jokes that have come from this are worth the price of admission. A few coworkers and I have a thread where we have been posting memes and making fun of each other about our position. Below are the messages I sent the group over a few weeks.

The moon will not happen today. But atlas, we hold strong. We precious few. Beholden to the elites, the corporations, the wealthy. This is where we make our stand. We will not go quietly into that black night. NAY! We look to the light, we look to the stars. Patriots, it is up to us! WE HOLD THIS LINE. We do not bend and we certainly do not break. Doubts have certainly crept into the feeble minded but we cast those thoughts aside. Victory is in front of us. Stand tall fellow Diamond Hands. The tide is crashing at our walls, but our foundations run deep. WE CAN AND WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT!


2/5/2021, 7:51 AM

After a long day of hard fought battle, we are still alive and breathing. We made inroads into our enemy today. Trenches were dug and we held our ground. Now it is time for rest. Let the bard heal your heart with soothing songs and the maids heal your wounds with gentle hands. The morrow will bring a new battle and we must be prepared. The fight is not over, we are not done. We bunker down harder. Diamond Hands FORRRRREEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR

2/5/2021, 3:06 PM

Gentleman, we look to the heavens and see the stars. Scientists say the stars are actually suns similar to our own. I can’t even fathom it as what I desire is much closer. I speak of the moon. Ever bright even in the witching hour. Visible yet when the sun is up and the rooster crows. This rock. This celestial body. This is where my mind wanders in still quiet. To approach or even come close is utter madness. But I persist steadfast. Yon’ short reports are due soon and my dreams tell me significant progress is at hand. But to be faithful we must take after the workers in the mines. We must look at their day to day continual search for treasures. They hunt for jewels and riches. Diamonds, I tell you! If they can wake up every morrow and don thy work boots and gloves in that illusive search, we can don our gear. We can slip into the hardened comfort of Diamond Hands. We can perform the same tasks of holding back the waters like the damns from the magnificent beaver. We can HOLD the line. We can prevail. We grow weary and thoughts of surrender creep into our dreams. I believe the war is almost complete though and today shall NOT be the day we concede. We fight! We HOLD!

2/8/2021, 8:07 AM

Judgment day is at hand. Today the truth is revealed. Angels have spoke of this glorious day for eons. They sang its praises and we basked and rejoiced in the comfort of the light. I fear today will bring nothing but sadness and misery though. The enemy is far more cunning than we gave them credit. They sneak in the dark and scheme. The have but one mission and it is to consume. But before every morrow the day is darkest before the light. We fight this battle in righteous earnest but even then that is now always enough. There comes a day when we must all put our youthful days behind us. Vanity of Vanities, ALL is vanity.

2/9/2021, 8:03 AM

In prior messages intended to excite, I have found the culprit as to why rocket ships never took flight. These communications looked to the past and included descriptions of yesteryears and days long forgotten. We do not speak in old english or fight out battles with swords. I was simply in the wrong era. A time when dragons ruled the early and dwarves lived in mines underground named Moria. We cannot reach the moon in such times. No! To the future is where we need to look. Where paper currency is no longer used and we tell our grandkids about have to keep these cotton and paper bills in a leather wallet in our back pockets. Oh the laughter that will ensue. This future full of wonders and technology drive and fuel our trips. Oh, you ask “what trip?” Well, its a trip few will be part of. In fact half of this group has already crumbled like a house of cards when a nearby door is slammed. The other half, with hands made of diamond, are suiting up and will soon enter the picture like the scene in Armageddon when Bruce Willis and crew are walking towards the rocket in a line. This scene will be identical except for the number of slow motion walkers. In this scene there are only 2 and they are outfitted in head to toe in the latest and greatest NASA technology. These two are leaving the stratosphere and are headed to the moon. Society tells us they will be mocked along the way as the trip is a lonely trip. A cold trip. And a trip full of perils. But these astronauts graduated from the academy and kept their sites solely focused on one place, that great night light in the sky. They are strapped in, the rocket has been fueled, and the engines are ramping up. Ignition is coming and the controllers are counted down. Blast off is imminent. God Speed brave few.

2/25/2021, 7:11 AM