Clicking Bad


Shame, shame, shame on me. I have no idea how I missed this, but a friend at work pointed me to this game called clicking bad. First, this game is really fun. Second, if you are a fan of the tv show Breaking Bad you will really find this game fun. Clicking Bad is a Javascript game released on October 8, 2013. The point of the game is to cook and sell virtual methamphetamine and is unofficially based on Breaking Bad.

Stop. what. you. are. doing. right. now. and. go. play. Actually, read the rest of this post and then go play.

The game tasks players with managing their drug creation business by either manually clicking “buy” and “sell” buttons or using in-game money to purchase upgrades like sleazy lawyers and abandoned trailers, each providing a boost to sales or production. The upgrades may also impact the odds of authorities catching on and seizing your meth-cooking labs as well as the purity levels of your drugs.

clickingbadYou start off as an aspiring dealer of methamphetamine, hoping to grow from a small-time operation to a major drug kingpin while avoiding the scrutiny of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To do so, you manufacture and sell batches of (virtual) meth. Initially, you must perform both actions manually, but as you acquire money you can spend it on various automatic manufacturing, distribution, and laundering concerns who will do this at an increasing rate on your behalf. However, by clicking (hence the game’s name) you can step in at any time to cook or sell more meth, increasing the rate at which you increase inventory or profit.

Various signature elements from the TV show recur in the game, including the ability to manufacture virtual methamphetamine in recreational vehicles (RVs), or in a subterranean laboratory. However, the game takes liberal (often humorous) license beyond the content of the show; as a player’s wealth and manufacturing capabilities increase he or she will be offered the ability to move operations to distant locations – off-shore, off-Earth, and to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in an attempt to maximize production and profit, including several meth themed cameos from different movies and TV shows other than Breaking Bad.

I’ve only been playing for about 10 hours of real time (which is only about 30 minutes of me actually doing anything) and already I’ve unlocked 17 of the 26 achievements and have roughly 40.5 billion dollars in the bank. muhahahahahahaha

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