Like Ice Cube says “Today was a good day.”

What a day! In fact, this has been one of the best days I can remember. And not for any particular reason. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. No fantastic news, no monumentous event, no someone paying for my breakfast; just a good day. I felt good, really good. Not sure if it’s the medicine or the time change and more sleep or just some fluke, but on the way to work this morning I actually listened to music instead of an audiobook. Not even terrible drivers could bring me down. I got cutoff by a guy while driving in to work and didn’t even get mad. I just smiled and laughed and continued to jam some Kings of Leon.

Around 10 Tara texted me that she was sick and taking tomorrow off. Normally, I would have been bummed because it was her night to put Hudson to bed, but not today. I was actually excited about spending some time with him. I love that little guy and the thought of curling up on the coach and watching some Elmo or Barney with him brings a smile to my face.

It’s only one day, but hopefully there are more where that one came from.

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