To Do List

  1. Rebuild Control Panel
     a. Make 8' inches longer on each side
     b. Make 3' inches deeper in front
     c. Use Countersink all screws
     d. Use Overlay instead of plexiglas
  2. Develop Labels for Control Panel
     a. Make labels bigger if possible
      i. Player 1
      ii. Player 2
      iii. Player 3
      iv. Player 4
      v. Coin Buttons
      vi. Start Buttons
      vii. Exit
      viii. Pause
      ix. Program Start
      x. Change Pause to include Pause / Next Emulator
        xi. Player on Coin Mechs
3. Print Labels for Control Panel
4. Install Labels for Control Panel
5. Develop quick connects for wiring Control Panel to I-Pac boards
   a. Buy different color wires for ease of wire identification
6. Develop color scheme for button layout on Control Panel
  7. Pinball
     a. Will have to drill holes on the side of the control panel for buttons
     b. Add a Ball Launcher
  8. Get Light guns working - see for the new gun that is working
   a. Only 1 gun at first
     b. Then add second gun
9. Develop Marquee
10. Have Marquee Made
   a. Check on for information
11. Install Marquee
12. Mount Computer power switch next to Cabinet power switch
13. Create a toggle switch to for quarter inputs - button or slot
   a. This will determine to use buttons or actually insert quarters for credits
   b. Follow Diagram
  14. Insert LED lights on coin mechs
  15. Label coin mechs to correspond with the correct player
  16. Create holes in control panel for light gun cords
  17. Get the steering wheel and pedals mounted and configured
     a. Do I build a table like Lee's Trackball? Or how?

  1. Install all necessary software
   a. Mame
   b. Mamewah - frontend
   c. Mamewah Setup
   d. BootXP
   e. Mamewah Layouts
     f. Daphne
        i. Dirk
   g. NES
   h. SNES
   i. Genesis
      i. Get Genesis reworking
     j. Pinball
        i. Visual Pinball
   k. Gameboy Advance
  2. Install Games
  3. Rename Roms, Add screenshots, and pictures to all Console games
4. Reorder Emulators
   a. Mame
   b. My Favorite games
   c. 4 player games
   d. NEO-GEO games
   e. Classic games
   f. Trackball games
   g. Gun games
   h. Driving games
   i. Fighting games
   j. Sports games
   k. Shooter
   l. Brawling games
   m. NES
   n. SNES
   o. Gameboy Advance
   p. Genesis
   q. Pinball
   r. Daphne
  5. Create Custom Game Lists
     a. List for My Favorite games
     b. List for 4 player games
     c. List for NEO-GEO games
     d. List for Classic games
     e. List for Trackball games
     f. List for Gun games
     g. List for Driving games
     h. List for Fighting games
     i. List for Sports games
     j. List for Shooter
     k. List for Brawling games
6. Change the Player 4 buttons to use the following characters
   a. / ; ' [ ] \ - =
   b. Do Not Use Enter, Backspace, CNTL, ALT, Shift, 9, 0, Delete
   c. Format buttons for consoles to match layout of controllers
  7. Configure Player 2 joystick to scroll up & down, left & right to be larger than Player 1
8. Configure buttons to scroll between emulators
  9. Create Emulator Screens
   a. For Mame use Arcade Ramrod marquee
   b. Use icons to designate which list currently on?
     c. Load screens, Option Screen, etc.
        i. See Diagram Drawing
   d. Make Backgrounds Darker so images and text look better
   e. See NEW All Games Screen
   f. Make Icons and text darker for inactive emulators
     g. MameWah logos (screenshot and marquee) that don't fit
     h. Make Screenshot Background Black
     i. Change default marquee and screenshot (desktop) to Arcade Ramrod screens
  10. Update with new versions
     a. Mame
     b. MameWah
        i. Use movies instead of screenshots
     c. Games
        i. For all emulators

1. Order new parts for Arcade
   a. Motherboard
   b. Processor
   c. Processor Fan
   d. Memory
   e. Wireless Network Card
   f. Case and power supply
2. Install new parts
  3. Finish Arcade Game list
     a. Check if game works
        i. Eliminate duplicates
     b. Develop Master Game List
        i. Print Master Game List / Laminate - book next to Arcade
     c. Burn games to DVDs
     d. Burn All software that will be used in Manuals to DVD’s
        i. Create DVD labels for DVD's
  4. Develop Manual for configuration of software for
     a. Frontend
     b. Setups for all emulators
        i. Mame
        ii. NES
        iii. Gameboy Advance
        iv. SNES
        v. Genesis
        vi. Pinball
        vii. Daphne
        viii. To be used with 2 players
        ix. To be used with 4 players
        x. To be used with trackball
        xi. To be used with 1 light gun
        xii. To be used with 2 light guns
        xiii. To be used with steering wheel
5. Get a new desktop picture (Use the design like the marquee)
  6. Develop manual for fighting game moves. Print manual for fighting game moves / Laminate
     a. Book next to Arcade
     b. Create two so each player can have one
7. Order Tokens
8. Create bucket with Arcade Ramrod Design to hold tokens