04/17/07 - Well the arcade bug still hasn't hit yet. Not only I am getting married, but we just bought a house. So now we are planning a house and getting a house ready.

The good news is that I finally got Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 (I had to go to 11 stores before I found a copy). Since some of the fellas aren't on Xbox live (they have PS2s) we can't see their scores. So I will be putting up a Guitar Hero II Challenge page to we can all compare our scores to see who is the ultimate Rock God. Check out the Stats here.

One more note: The Predators made the playoffs! Unfortunately, they face The Sharks in the first round... again! Hopefully, it's not a repeat of last year.

12/20/06 - Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow how the time has flown by. I can't believe its been 3 months since I last posted any news.

Anyways, since the last time I got engaged! The big day is set for June 9, 2007.

Other than that I have just been playing FFXI and enjoying the "Big City" life. Unfortunately, I haven't yet got the arcade bug and have no disire to finish it or this website. I hope it kicks in soon but with a wedding to plan, who knows. I got a feeling that once the wedding is over there will be more time!

09/27/06 - I have moved and just now got the internet hooked up! The ass whippings between Jeff and I can now continue. Also, look for the Cody Vs. Jeff Madden section COMING SOON!

Hockey season is almost here. GO PREDATORS!

Plus, I promise that since winter is almost here that I will finish up Arcade Ramrod and this website.

08/30/06 - Xbox 360 #3 has been back for a few weeks now. So long FFXI. Hello Madden 07.

Jeff and I have been playing some Madden 07 Online Football. Check out the Stats here.
Update: I'm getting my butt kicked!

07/18/06 - Jeez, has it been this long since I updated this site?!? Anyways, my 2nd Xbox 360 has died. I am going through the routine of getting my replaced. In the meantime I am going to try and do some updates to the site.

05/02/06 - Sorry for the lack of updates. Got both of my computers back up and running and Microsoft sent me a brand spanking new xbox 360.  Unfortunately for this website, I have discovered the world of Final Fantasy XI.

If your into that kind of thing and on the Remora server give me a shout.  As always my tag is Gdilly.

04/10/06 - It just hasn't been my month so far. Both my Desktop and Laptop computers are down for the count. Once I can get at least one of them up and running I will continue trying to finish up everything on the site. Also, I sent my xbox 360 back to Microsoft for repairs. It doesn't appear to be the exact same overheating problem as everyone else, but it will only play a couple of games now and those freeze up after about 5 to 10 minutes of playing time. *sigh*

*UPDATE* - My laptop is now back operating at 75% and my desktop is operating at 100%.  Hopefully the Xbox 360 can follow in their footsteps.

03/23/06 - A forum has now been added for gdilly.com. Almost anything goes. There are currently two forums. The first is for arcade related material only. The other is for anything else.

03/06/06 - A friend sent me his Visio diagrams of the cabinet he plans to build. The plans call for a 2 player upright cabinet that changes "Transformer" style to a sit-down racing cabinet. His wife has dubbed this monster "The Mistress" as he has spent more time working on this than he has spent with her. I can't really think of a more appropriate name.

02/24/06 - I bought an Xbox 360 today. Call of Duty 2 is an awesome game and one of the most realistic games I have ever played. I can only imagine that this game is exactly what hand to hand combat war must be like (minus the whole getting shot in the face or being blown up by a grenade and not dying part).

02/18/06 - I have decided to update my version of Mame, MameWah, and Mame Roms to the lastest version. The biggest reason for this decision was for the ability to put the actual game intro videos in the MameWah frontend game selection screen.

I am also going to be rebuilding my control panel to get rid of those annoying carriage bolts on the panel. I am also going to incorporate a pinball plunger and make the overall dimensions 1' ft wider and about 3' inches deeper.

*UPDATE* - To go along with this I have decided that I am going to get rid of the plexi glass that covers the control panel and use a layover that will help hide the bolts that will be countersunk into the panel.

Howard Casto over at http://www.oscarcontrols.com/lazarus/ has a program that displays the actual game control panel and button functions and I am going to be playing around with it so I can add it to Arcade Ramrod. This program is pretty neat and has the ability to show the layout when you press the pause button. It appears that the site is down now but here is the link anyways... http://www.mameworld.net/tigerheli/johnny/

*UPDATE* - The above link is working again as Mameworld is now up and running again.

02/11/06 - I went to the Money Makers Amusement Auction in Nashville, TN this past Saturday. Unfortunately, there was a limited amount of cabinets due to the poor weather conditions.

Here are some of the cabinets and what they went for:

Street Fighter II (Terrible Condition) - $65
1943 - $285
Mrs. Pac-Man - $325
Golden Tee 05 - $1,300
Blitz 2000 (Did not work) - $175
Golden Tee 05 - $1,600
Mrs. Pac-Man (Terrible Condition) - $385
3 San Francisco Rush Cabinets - $625, $525, $425
MKII - $410
Blitz 2000 Gold Edition - $535
Arch Rivals - $130
Space Gun - $470
Mrs. Pac-Man - $425


Sega Touring - $360 (sit down cabinet)
Unfortunately I was not the one who bought it. I started talking to a guy who wanted some info on Mame and building your own cabinet. I was glad to help but I looked up and the auctioneer was selling it. I just couldn't get my hand up before it was sold.

I didn't think it was possible to get not-buyer's remorse.