Welcome to the home of
Arcade Ramrod

Have you ever dreamed of having an arcade game? Imagine the fun.

If you are brand new to all this, then welcome to a hobby that ends up being an addiction. Even though this site is dedicated to the Arcade Ramrod project, hopefully it will be of some help in creating your own arcade machine.

If you have already become an addict hopefully you'll enjoy this site. It's under construction so check back as more pictures and info will be available when I get the time.

But don't stop here. Make sure you check out arcade controls. The creator and operator Saint has compiled all the information needed to help build your own arcade. That's were I got my start and now I visit the forums almost every day. Look for me with my handle - gdilly.

I started Arcade Ramrod in the fall of 2004 and to this very day I have a list pages long of things that I want to improve or change. Like I said before, it's an addiction!

"The challenge to continually transcend limits when creating Arcade Ramrod was an unending strain on the imagination... fueled by alcohol."
- Anonymous / Michael Cody